SmartThings iOS app update (v. 1.6.73) November 9, 2021

new update for iOS app has arrived

Now available on Apple Watch

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Still crap. See my post:

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I am seeing some improvement when clicking on device control… less lagging and no spinning circles.

Clarification - this was for cloud-to-cloud connected devices where I would usually get the lag. So far today, I am not seeing the lag with those devices. Possible that it is too early to tell but we shall see.

There have not been much lag for Direct connected devices since the last release.

But that is only an observation for myself… YMMV

Are you all getting this?

I get it for 10-15 seconds when trying to control a device after first opening the app. Also when the app comes in to the foreground after being in the background for a bit. It’s the same as the spinning circle I was getting previously, only presented differently. Meanwhile I can change STHM status immediately which would lead me to believe I’ve already got a network connection. Or if I access devices with the Home Remote app I can control them immediately. What is taking the Smartthings app so long to connect for device control but not for STHM, and why don’t other apps have this problem?

Maybe I should start comparing app or hub settings with someone to make sure I don’t have something jacked up that is causing this.

I am not seeing that issue

Open the app and try to immediately control a device.

If it’s not happening to others, it has to be a setting on my app or hub. Maybe a network setting, linked service, notification setting, sync favorites, auto update devices and settings, etc. would love to do a step by step comparison with someone who is not having any issues.

Im getting it as well. Force closing the app sometimes seems to result in better results.

As a comparison, I am using a Samsung S10 Galaxy on the latest version of ST, open the app and try and quickly do anything … forget about it its slowwww to load and occasionaly fails to update any device just showing checking status

If I load home remote app, everything loads quickly and efficiently and it is my goto app for device control, I kick myself every time I want to do something quick and open the ST app so it’s not just apple ST that performs abysmally

Yes, I am.

Wonder if the update helps with presence issues at all?

I have exactly the same problem, not able to watch any camera feed. Only getting stuck on the network message of not connecting to smartthings server.

After the upgrade I have lost all backgrounds for all rooms and location and their are back to defaults, also when try to asign a custom background from my photo library pictures look blurry even without selecting the option to blurry them.

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And one more: presence sensor not working using my phone anymore.


Routines are not triggering in my case. they were all working flawlessly before the update.

I have same issue often. Smartthings app op ios is deteriorating with every update. Last one lost the possibility of setting on and off times for devices, only timer option is there, but most of the time save is not saved. Will try another app shortly, but on top of the webcore disaster i think i will dump ST alltogether. Nothing smart about a smartapp which is nothing more than a lightswitch.

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The network connection delay upon opening the app or shifting back in to the app when it’s been in the background persists for me. Makes it very difficult to quickly control devices it get quick device status updates.

For months I enjoyed the fact that Smartthings was finally stable and everything was working just great (I know foolish me). Now after this last update Iphone Presence, Automations or Routines, or whatever they’re called now aren’t working. Tried recreating Routines, reinstalling the IOS App, logging out and logging in. Nothing seems to help! What the heck Samsung "don’t you have anything better to do than fix what doesn’t need fixing. Time to give tech support a call and listen to blah, blah., blah. And what’s up with the Mobile Presence and Arlo Place holders under Devices in the IDE.

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having the same type of intermittent problems

Placeholders are used for cloud-based devices that are using the new schema (non-groovy). That can range from lutron caseta, google nest, arlo, meross, tp-link kasa, etc to the mobile presence.

Thanks for the info on that.