New Ikea devices all offline?

ST v3
Alexa hub
Livarno Gu10
Ikea Tradfri bulb
Tradfri PIR
Tradfri Dimmer
Hue bulb

Hello all
Above are a few items from 30+ throughout the house.
ST has been running great with all ikea and Livarno bulbs and controllers.
Worried about how ST was failing to integrate with many manufacturers i bought the latest Alexa speaker with ZigBee hub.

To experiment I transferred a range of items from ST to Alexa which was great until the pir’s and remotes which wouldn’t integrate.

I decided to reinstall the above back into ST and just use Alexa to add to the ST functionality.

After deleting/resetting devices, deleting from both Alexa and ST I tried to add them back to ST.

ST finds all the devices but doesn’t show my (new) device name and shows them as offline??

I’ve repeated this process several times and rebooted ST but ST will not entertain them, yet Alexa happily takes them back.

Rather than P*** her indoors off by splitting between both controllers I really want to keep the original ST layout on her phone.
Im happy to run both in my phone for more functionality.

What am I doing wrong??

Thanks in advance

You’re not doing anything wrong. Look at the new posts since about 24 hours ago and youll see no fewer than 6 posts with similar symptoms. Theres something weird going on.

@Brad_ST theres strangeness happening new devices dropping offline.


So just bad timing to start fiddling then?

Just to update.
Since reloading and adding the devices to ST I regularly get error message 34_501 when ST finished searching.
When you retry the device immediately appears …but offline !
Never seen this error since buying ST.

I’ve rebooted via the hub ide which didn’t help and since that, any device, transferred or not randomly go offline!!

Somebody’s having a laugh by ruining Easter time off



quick question… what is ST v4??? is that the aeotec smart home hub? :wink:

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The new hub nobody has got yet😐
Maybe 3. Also typed the error Code wrong but the picture shows correct.


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All corrected :slight_smile:

what do you mean all corrected? the problem is resolved?

I have the same problem, new device is added, and works properly, but it shows as offline in new smarthings app, and I cannot control it any way. It is online in IDE though.

Smarthing stuff: Fix it please !!

Apologies AGAIN🤦
My previous post typos have been corrected not the ST issue.
ST is still up the wall.
Checked IDE and they show online there aswell

Xiaomi temp humidity sensor running custom dth is now showing offline in app, online in IDE

It’s not you. Many people reporting this for many different devices, even some virtual devices. :scream:

Shows a major flaw and downside to such a system. The grief im gonna get when she can’t control the lights etc. later is beyond sharing!

Beyond the grief I’d like to know what user friendly system runs at both local and remote level so when a server goes tits up like today the system remains controllable until it resumes.

I don’t know many that run at both local and remote, it’s usually one or the other. Although sometimes some features will run in the cloud while most things run local and then everything still runs except those specific features.

A good user-friendly system of this type is Apple’s Homekit. Everything runs locally except voice control so if your Internet goes out, it all still works except Siri. Even the app still works as long as you are at home. :sunglasses:

Hubitat also runs everything locally except some third party integrations, again like voice, but it’s not particularly user-friendly.

Abode will continue to run most things locally if the Internet or their cloud is out and it has a nice app, but the app itself does require their cloud. So your automations work, but not the app. Also they charge a monthly subscription fee.

So there are a lot of different variations, just depending specifically on what you are looking for.

Few options there.
I’m an Apple hater (shoot me later) so homekit is OOTQ.
Heard good about Hubitat and was already tempted but not read enough on it to justify the buy
Opposed to monthly fees unless set up cost is minimal.
I have donye reading and YouTubing to do.

Comments much appreciated

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Every system has pluses and minuses, the trick is to find the one that best matches your own situation. These days there are quite a few different choices, you just have to do a lot of research to figure out exactly what you’re getting. :sunglasses:

My lights came back online about 15 min ago. So whatever I didn’t export back to Alexa during the ST breakdown has sorting back to life.
Anybody else notice?

Many people reporting that it has come back since the notice was posted to the status page that the problem has been resolved.