New Hue light not appearing in Google Home

After I permanently moved to the new ST App, and after I relinked Google Home to ST using the new integration, a number of troubling things began to happen. I’m tackling them one at a time, and this is the next one - but I cannot figure it out.

I added (after I relinked GH to ST) a new hue light to my home. It shows up in the Hue app, of course, and was recognized by Yonomi and Ifttt immediately. It was recognized by ST as well, but not immediately. It took a few days to appear after I retriggered the Hue integration in ST. (No idea why there was such a huge time lag, but there it is.)

Google Home, however, does not see or recognize this device at all. Prior to the Horror That Is The Great New Google/ST Integration ™, GH was talking directly to Hue and this wouldn’t even come up - now that ST has inserted itself as the middleman for these device connections to GH, I have to rely on it for all device control if I do not want to duplicate devices in GH or set up a second virtual home.

So - I’m at a loss. I have no idea why this new device is not visible to GH. I’ve relinked ST with Google Home a dozen times, but the service just does not see it.

Any suggestions?

@uberrob create a virtual rgbcct and use the smart lighting or any community created smartapp to mirror the bulb to the virtual AND mirror the virtual to the bulb. Then just wait until the bulb is found or somebody finds a more permanent solution.

OK - stumbled across the way to get this new device recognized, but I think I am triggering a loophole to get it to work - and along the way, found more strangeness.

The Hue light that was missing is called “Office Monitor.” This showed up in the new SmartThings app as a fully functional device - but nothing else could see it. Not just Google Home, but IFTTT, SmartApps, and even the IDE itself did not show this device. This means I could only control it with the button on the new ST app.

To get the device to show up in Google Home and everywhere else, I had to do the following:

  1. Go to the IDE
  2. find the device entry for the Hue hub
  3. select “EDIT”
  4. change absolutely nothing
  5. select “UPDATE”

This will cause the missing light(s) to appear everywhere: ST App, Google Home, IFTTT, etc. However note: it will also double the devices in the ST App. (@blake.arnold you should note all of this.) This implies to me that what ever bug this is related to the doubling of Hue devices in the new App.

Thanks but I am unable to get the virtual switch to control it either.

@uberrob If the smartapp doesn’t work then you won’t be able too … have you fixed it with the above method?

I “fixed” it by using the method I described above.