Google Home integration not working


     I'm able to finde ST in Google Home app. Upon added, the hub does not show up in device tap. Indeed, when I redo the integration the app crashed sometimes. 
     Furthermore, I have some devices (arrival sensor, motion sensor) in ST but none o them appears on Google Home app. 
     If I close the app and reopen it, it says there is not device.


Google home will only show switches and lights… not motion, not arrival, not smoke/c02 not light sensor not anything else (except maybe speakers but I haven’t gone that far yet lol). My friend is working on making GH control Kodi so that will be cool then…

You should be able to connect ST(smartthings) to GH (Google home), then it should ask you for a hub location (mine was called home so I selected that) then it should show you a list of compatible devices… You then select the ST devices that you want GH to control (keeping in mind the limitations I mentioned above). You should then be able to assign your ST devices to Rooms (optional, but good because u can ask GH to shut off a whole room).In the GH app…

If you have RGBW bulbs… You can make them any colour you want but will have difficulty setting them back to "warm/day/cool’ white… This is a known issue with GH and ST.

As far as the app crashing… what phone are you using.