New Hue Bridge - how to add/transfer


I have a new hue bridge (new version - square) and I’ve transferred all my settings from old Hue bridge to new one.
Now I wantto add that Hue bridge to ST Hub.
But it can’t find the new Hue bridge.
What do I need to do ?
Should I remove the first bridge ?
(I don’t prefer to do that because then I will have to remove all my lights from my apps)

this is really bad. I removed all my apps and then the hue bulbs.
then I was able to add the new hue bridge.
however I still can not control by bulbs from ST.

I see this log:

10:15:24 PM: debug [living room outlet:field1, hall light:field2]
10:15:24 PM: info Bridge response: [{“error”:{“type”:1,“address”:"/lights",“description”:“unauthorized user”}}]
10:15:24 PM: trace Parsing description
10:15:24 PM: error Hue username is not valid
10:15:24 PM: warn Error returned from Hue bridge, error = [address:/lights, description:unauthorized user, type:1]
10:15:24 PM: debug Parsing 'index:17, mac:0015682E03CF, ip:C0A8FE61, port:0050, requestId:5e7cec5e-9b3a-404d- 10:15:23 PM: trace Bulb is turning Off
10:15:23 PM: debug BODY: {“on”:false}
10:15:23 PM: debug PUT:
10:15:23 PM: trace Bridge: 0015682E03CF - Host:

Look in the “SmartApps” section of the Location tab in the IDE. Sometimes the Hue service manager lingers. If that’s the case, just delete it from the IDE and you should be fine.