How do you tell SmartThings to replace old Hue bridge with new Hue bridge?

Sorry if this has already been asked, I tried searching and could only find one thread at which didn’t have an answer.

I currently have a 15 light Hue system integrated within SmartThings. I just received a new HomeKit-enabled/V2 Hue hub and transferred all my settings and bulbs from my old Hue hub to the new one.

Is there a way to replace the old Hue hub with the new one within SmartThings, or do I have to delete every single bulb and the original hub from SmartThings, and repair and re-setup all the automations?

When I look at the “Hue (Connect)” SmartApp, it finds my new hub, and shows my “Previously added Hue Lights” but the “Hue Bridge” device says “Offline” and the lights don’t work.

Darn, yeah I was looking for that “Replace” option and can’t find it anywhere. I was afraid I’d need to re-do everything… well I guess I have an hour or so to spare. Ha.

The “replace” option is a a Z wave utility and only works with Z wave devices. The hue bridge is not one of the devices it can work with.