Adding additional Hue bulbs to Hub V2

Been through the history of the ST Hub v1 and found some hit and miss methods of refreshing the bulbs connected/Added to a Hue Bridge after first run but so far not been able to work out how to do this with ST Hub v2 and the current app!

Don’t want to delete Hue Connect App in case it messes up the Routines I already have, surely this must be simple?

Any tips/help would be great :smile:

I am having the same issue. When I setup my V2, all my bulbs and Hue Bridge installed fine. But I wanted to add a new light and I cant seem to do it.

  1. Add it to the hue hub first outside of the ST world.
  2. Confirm that it was added to the hue hub. Turn it on/off whether it works.
  3. Fire up your Hue connect app in ST. Should say bulb discovery started and should start identifying your new bulbs. Give it a while. I think there is a plus icon there, open that. Do you see the new bulbs now?

I think these were the steps from the old days unless something has changed. Worth giving it a shot.

Else there is support… :slight_smile:

I did exactly that, but it is not showing my new bulb

Tried that last night and again at your suggestion with no change, as advised I have emailed support to see what they say. Had tried the IM chat a few times and even though they are online it says use email, guess they may be quite busy on that front!

If your having issues, shoot a note to They will work to get your setup sorted out.

Ive added three bulbs after and they all went on fine. Add them to the hue app first. Then go to the hue smartapp and refresh. The bulbs will appear ready to be assigned to a room

Hi Suleman, Can you advise the steps you used to refresh the Hue SmartApp? I ask because I do not see a refresh so just go through the options and select “Done” at the end to no avail.

issue logged and acknowledged.

I had the same problem adding two Lux bulbs the other day - ended up reinstalling Hue in the end. Don’t really want to go through that every time I need to add a new bulb…

I just added the bulbs in the hue app first. then went into the hue connect app and it searched for the bulbs automatically

I’m using the android app and ST does not auto search and although I can edit it does nothing. All bulbs are fine in the hue app and other apps that connect to the bridge. Guess they may have to release an update for this.

All bulbs are added now and I did not lose any settings, not quite sure how I did it as I tried so many things, but will try the advise support have sent me now for the next bulb I add.

My hue app said a new software update was installed. Maybe it was to address such issues.

Had a hue update and as I like to stay current I let it happen, since my first issue I have added a few more bulbs, two of which were found when I was trying to add a multisense sensor but the 3rd light was not, tried un-checking the hub in the Hue smartapp and saving then editing the bulb list but the last bulb I added has still not shown up. Will play around a little more later, also just figured why a lamp was dimmed when motion turned it on, seems if you select “on” only a default dimmer level of 80% is applied so if you want brighter do “on & set level”.