New Hub v2 finds only 2 of the 5 GE outlets

I excluded them and that went really well (except for outlet 5. It won’t exclude for some reason.) 2 of the outlets were found easily. But I now have the other 2 plugged into the wall within 12" of the hub and it can’t find them. I have pushed the center program buttons so often the last 24 hours that my finger is sore (no joke). Yes, the green LEDs are blinking…While it was 4 years ago that I went through this pain with hub v1, one would think that it wouldn’t be this hard with the second generation hub. I am about ready to throw this while lot out and look for another solution. I still have other sensors to add, door locks, light switches, etc. All were working fine with hub v1. I should have left well-enough alone, shouldn’t I?

Odd, maybe try switching the ones that were found to location that are giving you trouble and try again to install/wire other device to known good location.

Also maybe try z-wave repair utility to see what results you get

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I recently did a migration and found that some devices were excluded easier using a minimote than the hub. If you have a minimote it is worth a shot.

Thanks for the idea. I have muttered and threatened and finally did get 2 more of the outlets to finally pair. I think that the hub is just slow. I find that you can’t exclude things too quickly. It seems that I can actually walk faster from switch to switch than it can update. Anyway, I did finally make some headway today and none of the switches are out on the front lawn. :slight_smile:
Oddly enough, the Kwikset locks were excluded and then paired while they were still installed in the doors (but then I can’t seem to get this last outlet to respond to exclude or pair). It’s better than it was, but this was more painful than it needed to be.