Rebuilding Network

Hello all,

I have been a long time SmartThings user and I recently renovated my house. The contractors removed all the switches and I’m now trying to get everything back together. At this time, I felt it would be best to just start over with a new Samsung SmartThings Hub, as my original hub was the very first.

I believe I made a mistake with the migration by not excluding all the switches before I left the house. Unfortunately, that ship has sailed and I’m trying to get everything back together.

I cannot get ANY switch to Add to my new hub. I go to General Exclude and perform the exclude (mostly GE In-Wall Dimmers, GE In-Wall Smart Outlets, Lamps, Smart Outlet, etc) and it always says “X devices deleted”. I assume the exclude works.

When I go to add a device back, the hub WILL NOT find the device. I’ve tried just about every help topic and cannot get them to add back to the network.

What am I missing?! Has this happened to anyone else?



Something else to try. If you are using any custom device handlers for these devices, login to IDE, open each and Publish for Me again. Then exclude the devices again and try to add to your hub.

@jkp, thanks for the suggestion. I’m really just trying to get ANYTHING to connect to this. The handlers are all the plain jane ones so I don’t think that’s it. Thank you for the suggestion!

Have you done a “factory reset” on the devices?

Worth trying. Manufacturer instructions should tell you how to do it.

@HalD Yes I attempted to do so. On the GE paddle dimmer, I popped out the tab, pushed the tab back in and then pushed the top button 10 times. According to my research this is the way to reset these switches. Do you have any perspective on that?

The crazy thing is, I’ve attempted to reset the other devices (smart outlet, lamp, etc) to factory settings and SmartThings will not find ANY device.

Ok, it’s not the specific devices. Have you called Samsung support?

Hey Guys, I’ve got a new wrinkle. I ordered a fresh, never opened SmartThings button from Amazon. Pooped it open and followed the prompts on the screen and the thing connected immediately.

This leaves me pretty stumped. I don’t understand how I can “Delete” the device but then it can’t be readded. Is there any additional insight anyone can give me on this?