New hub setup and won't setup properly

I am brand new to smartthings. My new hub won’t download the new update and will not connect to any sensors. I noticed the hub will not change from a solid blue indicator light. Any help would be appreciated.

Frustrating! The best thing is to contact They are very helpful, and will be able to do remote diagnostics.

There is also a chat option. Click on the support link at the top right of this page, choose troubleshooting, and look for the tiny chat window at the bottom right.

Thanks JD I will try and chat with them tomorrow or whenever they are available.

Try this thread. Couple of recommendations in there with solid blue light.

Hi Chris,

It looks like one of our Chris’ reached out over Just doing some double duty on the follow up to see if you are up and running. Do not hesitate to follow up with him if you have any additional questions!

Just as a heads up, our live chat hours are M-F from 9a-5p PT. You can access live chat through or in the app chat client (Menu Icon>Support>Chat with Support).