Hub Gone Down!

Help needed please! My smartthings hub has been working fine since I got it and set it up running all devices with no issue. In the last few days (not sure exactly when) the hub has stopped working and is displaying a solid blue light. I have tried a soft reset, hard reset, deleted location and app, changed Ethernet cable, checked all settings on router (even though it was working fine before and nothing has changed). Only had the hub 2 months and it was the second one as first didn’t work at all so company sent me a replacement. No live support on website (surprising as so many other tech comps are even under the current COVID circumstances, so have sent email but doubt I will get a quick response!! Could it be recent firmware update and seems quite coincidental?!?

Yes, most likely related to the firmware update. Others are seeing the same issue. If you are in a region where you can call and speak with support directly… that is the best method to get in touch with them.

Thanks, no number on the website just an email link so assume they’ve stopped live chat and telephone support which is frustrating!

Guess I will just have to wait for an email reply then and go back and forth the old fashioned way!! So frustrating!

I can imagine it is frustrating. They are swamped due to the app switch, other changes and the firmware update so you may have an extended wait for a reply.

Some users have reported their hubs return after several days and many reboots.