Solid blue light on my Hub

(Mayank) #1

Hi All , I recently purchased ST home monitoring kit which was working fine until today. But today the hub displays a solid blue light and am not able to control anything from my phone app.
Can you please suggest me what has gone wrong with it ?

I sent an email to customer care and the response i got from them is they will reach out to me but dint tell me when. they however told me that they have sizable backlog so i should have patience.


@mayankyadav, there’s some of outage again. I recommend you subscribe to alerts from here:

(Mayank) #3

thank you very much! I was worried that it has died on me. I can wait.

(Geko) #4

SmartThings cloud just farted again. :bomb:

(Mayank) #5

It still shows blue led. I have subscribed to their alerts and am waiting to get an alert informing its back operational.


Mine just returned to active status. About 20 mins of downtime.

(Mayank) #7

Is there anything that I can do apart from waiting ? Like reset or something ?


I’m on the couch watching Jeopardy… not much you can do yet, unless it’s like last time where you needed to reboot the hub.

(Dan) #9

Can the V2 hub with backup batteries even be re-booted without battery removal?


Hi Dan, supposedly yes by pressing the recessed button on the back.


@mayankyadav @danfelix Rebooting the hub just now brought my hub back. This time I pressed the recessed button on the back.

(JP) #12

I shut my hub off for 5 mins and powered it back in and all is working now. As someone only a couple weeks into using ST I can say this is very frustrating. I really hope thy get this type of problem under control.

(Mayank) #13

I rebooted but it still dint work. I pressed the button at the back and released when the LED turned orange - Did I do it right ?
After few seconds its still back to solid blue.

(Mayank) #14

Oh cool ! its back online !:grinning:
have never been happier after seeing a tiny green LED before …
You guys are all so helpful taking time here and replying. Thanks to all of you.

(Ron) #15

I have solid blue light on my V1 hub (work) right now. V2 hub a home is fine. says all systems operations (I don’t believe them of course but that’s what it says).

Anyone else having bluelight issue?
This was after a router restart but nothing I do solves the issue. So not sure what else to look at.
Reboot, check network cable, replace cable, reboot router and then hub again…nothing is bringing it back online.

I have solid blue light, it changes to red every once in a while then back to solid blue.


Could be coincidence, but you aren’t the only one:

(Ron) #17

Glad I started building my HASS hub. Thanks.

UPDATE: Back online on it’s own about 5 hrs after issues started. Must have been cloud issues.