New hub - Schlage BE468 will not connect

My dog managed to unplug my old v2 Hub and it would not come back when plugged back in. I purchased a new Aeotec ST hub to replace it, and now trying to get my old things working with it. Many connect and work - in fact some that had custom handlers work just fine on stock.

Separating the items into individual topics: Schlage Connect BE468.

This paired with my previous v2 hub and I had rboy lock controller to change codes, etc. Cannot get the BE468 to pair with the new hub. I did a factory reset, and the way this one pairs is different from what ST says to do - app says to push a button to pair (I have a BE469 and that works that way and pairs). This one has a number pad code to include/exclude Z-wave network. Put that in and in a few seconds it blinks that it failed, and ST app doesn’t say anything.

Any thoughts or ideas?

  • exclude the lock
  • install @philh30 Edge driver for z-wave locks
  • get the hub close to the lock
  • add device > by brand > z-wave


I did a lot with my v2 and custom handlers and stuff in groovy - need a little help here with the Edge drivers. Do I have to get an invite from @philh30 to enroll and get that edge driver?

NM - I found it with more searching. Got it! Let’s see if this works

Developers generally post a link in the first post of their threads (link to thread posted below)

here is link to enroll the driver: z-wave lock PH

once you login with your Samsung account, select the Edge driver you wish to enroll and install on your hub.

here is a community developed tool to view details on your hub and devices in place of the legacy IDE. API Browser+

And with that lock in particular @jkp is NOT kidding about ‘close to’

You will literally need the lock body (deadbolt part) within 6" of the hub for the exclusion!/ inclusion to work.

Also the BE469 is Pre-zwave plus and therefore an exclusion does not automatically reset the lock and vice versa so once you get a successful exclude use your programming code to factory reset the lock before you try the inclusion…

Which also needs to be right next to the lock.

Edit: this of course means either your lock or the hub was not where it will ‘live’ when you ran the inclusion. So you need to move them back to normal spots and run a ZWave repair to get the routes fixed. If the lock doesn’t work or repair fails in final position, move the hub halfway back and repair… (repeat until successful) then repeat trying to get back to your final location


Thanks so much. I got this one to work!

For others:

Followed link to the channel drivers, enrolled hub and installed lock driver.

Just in case: new batteries in lock. Hub about 6 inches from the lock.

Exclusion was important. Set exclusion mode on new hub. Enter schlage+Programming Code+0 on the lock. Green checkmark indicates successful exclusion.

Then as above - add device, brand Z-wave, then schlage+programming code+0 on lock. Ran for a bit and then a green checkmark for successful inclusion.