New Hub recommendations

Hello everyone,

We recently moved and decided to leave our ST v2 hub back at the old home as there were over 100 devices/automations running on it

Tried using Hubitat, its not the hub for us and love the ST platform (easy to use)

is the Aeotec hub the latest offering or something better with Thread is on the horizon

(current devices in new home include Hue, Osram Lightify strips, GE Zigbee switches, Iris Motion Sensors, leaksmart sensors, nest thermostat and protects and Lutron Caseta with Pro hub )

Appreciate any recommendations

it’s the latest smartthings – compatible offering, and it’s already “thread-capable“ if they ever decide to turn that on. :thinking:

It was FCC certified with a thread radio.

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That is not going to work with the default integration as Google has not included them in their API. I cannot remember clearly, but there might be a custom integration for it from.

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