Are US Hubs No longer an option?

I’m not sure if my hub (v2) is on its last leg, but I was looking at replacement options and the latest hub (Aeotec) appears to only be available for Europe and the Samsung Station doesn’t support Zwave (which is what I have for all my light swtiches) what are my options for upgrading?

Lately, I’ve been having issues with ST randomly taking 3+ minutes to send a basic command. This weekend, I decided to remove everything from my hub, factory reset it and put it all back. I did most of it yesterday (Saturday) and was very excited with how quick the responses were going. Today, I added the final remaining devices, and suddenly, nothing is responding to the Alexa voice commands or commands sent through the ST app. Even when manually pressed, devices are taking their time reporting their state to the app.

I have no idea what to do next short of dropping ST altogether and letting Alexa manage my home, but that will require switching to all Zigbee switches.

I’m open to any suggestions at this point.

They’re hard to find right now, may be a supply chain issue, but there are a couple of retailers that have them in stock if you want one.

I’ve bought several times from zwave products over the years and been happy with them.

The $99.99 price shown is for an open box model, but they also have some new in stock at about $134.

Also, the US distribution office of Aeotec has a storefront on Amazon, and it looks like they have some in stock there:

Looks like home controls may also have some in stock, although they dropship a lot of stuff, so I have a little less confidence in that:

I believe @jkp uses yet a different retailer.

One caveat: given the situation you described, a new hub may have the same symptoms, or even worse since the V3 has less memory than the V2. So make sure you buy from somebody with a good returns policy. :thinking:

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z-wave or zigbee devices? is it possible you have a bad device and not the hub that is causing the issue?


Mostly Zwave devices with a few zigbee, but it seems this was the issue. I went and removed the last device I added (a Zwave Zooz power strip) and immediately all the devices I tried turning off with the app turned off at once.


So the power strip was either the proverbial straw and you ran out of edge driver memory or it’s configured in some way which is flooding your network, or it’s a bad device, or there’s some weird architecture issue.

You could try asking Zooz tech-support, they’re usually good. :thinking:

But in any case it doesn’t sound like you need a new hub.

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Amazon still has them but they seem to be a bit pricey at $135.