Is a newer Aeotec hub ever anticipated?

Is a newer hub for SmartThings ever anticipated? It’s my understanding that the Aeotec hub is simply the repackaged SmartThings v3 hub from 2018. That’s ancient in gadget years! I thought the recent ST platform transition might result in a new hub.

It did result in several new hubs, but none of them are Aeotec and none of them support zwave. just Zigbee, Matter over Thread, and Matter over WiFi.

These include the new SmartThings Station (just released this year)

And the new “hub everywhere” initiative which has similar protocol specs to the station and builds a hub of that type into Samsung televisions, appliances, and even sound bars, rather than needing an add-on dongle.


As far as aeotec, they are continuing on a development path for some Z wave only hubs that will support the new zwave 800 long range. And they already offer a Z wave 700 z stick (The “works as a SmartThings Hub” is the prior generation Z wave 500.)

So the real question is whether smartthings will ever release an updated Z wave hub in partnership with Aeotec , and right now, no one seems to know. I suspect both companies are waiting to see whether matter takes off and, if it does, whether there is a Z wave bridge for it. :thinking:

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