New Hub 2 - Getting Old stuff to Work

I just moved from Hub v.1 to v.2 (STH-ETH-250). I’ve spent a lot of time on it now. Problems have been numerous.

I’ve managed to get my zwave switches moved over. I’ve got a mismatch of light bulbs. The only ones I’ve managed to sync are the GE Connected bulbs (which, ironically, is the only type not listed.) I, also, got a brand new motion sensor synced.

But, I cannot get my previously used Cree light bulbs, Sengled light bulbs, or ST sensors to work. I suspect if they were new they would sync up no problem.

Any suggestions for what to do?

Thanks in advance for any help offered.


You just have to reset each device individually to clear the old hub’s controller information so they are then ready to join a new hub. There really isn’t any more to it than that. You’ll have to look up each brand/model to see what its reset procedure is. Tedious, but it should work.

I’ve done that. My sensors I took out the batteries as instructed and back in. The light bulbs I’ve followed instructions on turning off and on.

I’ve got nothing out of them.

Most of the sensor models require that you hold down a little button while inserting the batteries in order to get them into reset mode. Not just put the batteries back in. (That’s so that you don’t accidentally reset the sensor if you are just changing the batteries.) But it does vary from model to model. You should be able to find the instructions for each individual one in the knowledgebase:

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OK, thanks for the tip. I was pressing it down after I put the battery in. Instructions weren’t crystal clear.

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FYI. I’ve had major trouble with the old Cree bulbs. They don’t like to reset or pair with hub’s software. I eventually bought new Sengled bulbs from Amazon.