Cree Light Bulbs, and the V2 hub, non-integration

I have tried… and tried… had tech support try and offer suggestions, done the reset bulb, reset my V2 hub twice, removed the batteries, and still the Cree light bulbs (that used to work well with the V1 hub) don’t even detect with the V2 hub. (And yes, I tried starting the scan before and after the bulb reset, turned on first, turned off first, bulb right next to the hub, etc. etc.)

I am going to give up on this crap. Especially when their tech support keeps sending me emails 1 - 2 months apart saying “Sorry, we’ve been really busy… has your issue been resolved?” so sad.

Are there any other IOT hubs out there that are better than ST that will work with my existing ST sensors? I would be glad to switch.

Do you have a smart electric meter on your house/apartment?

I read that article about the smart meter. I will have to check. My hub is on the second story on the other side of the house from the meter. Maybe I should look into making a tin hat for my hub to keep the government from spying on it ;)(

Yes, it is an “OpenWay” by ITron.

I am guessing I am screwed unless I guess I follow what he did to get them to work. Maybe a lead lined enclosure for the box and a one way opening might be an answer…

Either that or take the hub and the bulb to another location and pair it. As I understand it, once it’s paired, it’ll work fine.

I’m having the same issue moving a Cree bulb from a V1 hub to a V2 hub. I perform the reset of the bulb, initiate the connect new device, and then it’s never discovered. I disconnected my V1 hub thinking it might be the problem.

If I reset the Cree bulb with the V1 and V2 hubs both up and running the V1 hub will discover the bulb almost instantly. Which is why I’ve been trying the connect with the V1 hub powered off.

Sorry to hear that buddy, by any chance to you also have one of those smart electric meters as well?

There’s something weird in the pairing process that blocks it from happening but will work fine once paired. It would be really interesting if this only affected V2 hub and not V1.