New here... question about automation and specifically sunset to off time and location programming

Hi everyone. farily new to all this but I got almost everything working. using the ST hub v3 and I already had Lutron caseta dimmers throughout, so I got the lutron bridge and everything works great and joined nicely!

on to automation, got them all set but noticed 2 things missing…

  1. cannot set to on sunset and off at a specific time. Unless I’m missing something, is there a way to do this or only on/off at specific time or on/off sunset to sunrise? I like for lights to come on at sunset and off at say 12:00am or a set time, not stay on all night…
    This leads to next question…
  2. how do you set the location for so it knows local sunset? I cannot find that anywhere in the app.
    I’m using the new app and I do see where it finds your location based on if you’re phone is home but I don’t want sunset determined based on where my phone location is… how do you set the location of where the hub is for sunset times ?

thanks in advance. everything is fairly easy to use and automations are great so far, what a convenience. I’m sorry if this topic has been addressed already, I’ll search again but didn’t see this exact topic.

  • Tap on the Devices tab
  • Tap the Location drop-down menu at the top of the screen (in the center)
  • Make sure your Location is selected and not All Devices
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right of the screen and select Edit
  • You should see the field for geolocation

For the automation question, your observation is correct. Create two smart lighting automations. One for turning on at sunset and another for off at a specific time.

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perfect, duh… LOL… and thanks.

too bad they require separate entries/events… just double the line items, but it is the solution.

and I assume the +/- for sunset means time before or after sunset? so if I want them on 10 minutes before sunset I would enter a “-10”?

Thanks again!

Yup, that’s how the offset works. Enjoy!


thanks. for some reason it did not work… perhaps because that trigger was already set at a time and was on… I’ll try again tomorrow.

one more question, I have all my “dimmers” on one automation and set to come on a dim to a level, can I also add my 2 lamps to that automation even though they only come one and off no dim? It did give those as options to add but I wasn’t sure if it would be a problem if it tried to “dim” the on/off lamp or does it somehow know and just turn that one on and dim the dimmers?

Make sure you set your location like @jkp outlined above. You can double check it is correct by logging in to

You should be able to add normal on/off switches to an automation with dimmers.

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