Just starting out - what's the most reliable way to automate outdoor lights to turn on at sunset and off at specific time?

Is ifttt more reliable for this or should I be using smartthings native app?

IFTTT hasn’t been all that reliable for me. I’d use the Smart Lighting smartapp, it’s simple and as reliable as a smart app can be on this platform.

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Thank you. I’m hoping to install a couple today.

FWIW - I’m doing that with Smartlighting. I have one that turns on at Sunset and a 2nd that turns off at xxx time.

There may be a way to do it with 1 app - but this works.


This will be fine for me. Thanks!!!

Using the smartlighting app also has the advantage that it will run locally - that is, it won’t have to contact the ST server to know what to do. That and the Smart Home Monitor are the only two things that work this way at present.

FWIW, it also means that if your internet connection is down, the automation will still work.

Out of all the shenanigans on the platform over the past year, the one thing that has been 100% reliable* so far has been smart lighting turning on the outdoor lights at sunset and off at 11pm.

*Based upon a nonstatistical observation basis, meaning, I havent caught it not working… Yet


Thanks for the heads up. I just got my first switches in and they’re working nicely.

I’m going to try to stay within the systems. Seems like it would be simpler.

Ya within smart lighting you can program them to come in at sunset + or - a set number of minutes, also with sunrise, or you can have them operate at a set time. I prefer on based on sunset as the time obviously changed throughout the year.

use routines to define the times instead of using sunset sunrise options in smart lighting. for example, set routine good evening, change mode to evening auto at sunset. smartlighting app select if mode changes to evening then turn on ans off if mode changes. more conveinant if you ever choose to change your sunset + or -

I don’t use routines. I’ve never found it difficult to adjust the times the lights go on and off. I just click on outside lights under things then in smart lighting under the smartapp for the lights.

I bought an app called “SmartRules” for $10. (IOS) The primary reason I bought it was this.

When someone arrives with an iPhone on the system after sunset I wanted the outside lights to brighten, and the inside lights to turn on at a 70% dim. Then after 10 minutes the outside lights resume their lower dim, and the inside lights return to 20%.

The app allowed me to program all that within a couple of minutes.

It also allows you to automate lights to set dim in single digit increments. I have higher powered recessed lighting outside. In a security event they light the place up like a prison break, but they get a little sensitive at lower levels. The difference between 10 and 15% is noticeable. The app helps with that.

They give you 1 rule for free, which I used for a few weeks until I decided on my second use and purchased it. I’m not scripting if I don’t have to, lol.

Keep in mind, I’m new and don’t know all of what’s available out there yet. So don’t go buying it right now. Wait a few days. Someone might post a similar or better free option.