Smart Lighting Time Constraint Issue

Let me start off by saying that I am new to home automation and have had my Smartthings hub for less than a week. I am trying to create an automation that turns on my living room lights, triggered by my presence returning home, only during Sunset - Sunrise. So far I have tried a custom application, the Smart Lighting App, deleting the automations and Smart Lighting app, and recreating it. No matter how I create it, the lights always turn on when I get home. It does this in the middle of the day and disregards the time constraint. Anyone have any ideas?

  1. did you set your geolocation in the ST app?
  2. can you post screenshots of the smart lighting rule that you created.

Ignore using sunset to sunrise with custom automations as there appears to be a bug

Yes, I set up my geolocation and it works. I have 1 other automation that turns on the lights at sunset when I am home and that does not have an issue.

Check something else please. Login to IDE at and click on My Hubs, then click on your Home Location. In the window that opens, do you see your time zone and sunset/sunrise times and are they correct?

Yes, it is showing the correct time zone location. It does not show any fields for sunset/sunrise.

Sounds like the missing Weather Station in the Hello Home section. In IDE, if you click on My Location and click on SmartApps, the section at the top is labeled Hello Home. I bet you do not have the Weather Station listed there. Without it, you will not have sunset/sunrise and therefore any smart lighting rules would not work. But remember, there is a bug in custom automations when using sunset to sunrise so avoid that combination for now. Set times work in custom automations.

You can contact ST support at and ask them to fix it for you. Best method is to call and speak to a rep.

There is a way to fix itself by removing the smart light app and reinstalling it but you would lose all your rules. Support can fix it without removing.