Smartlighting and Sunset

One of my smart lighting automation (to turn on our foyer chandelier) has a sunset time of 4:12pm, when the Hub’s sunset time is 4:42pm and its fine on every other smart lighting automation. Any ideas why?

I haven’t removed it and readded it yet, will do it soon. But if there were any other troubleshooting suggestions I am all ears.

So it’s minus 30 every Time? Can you show us a screenshot of the automation? And are you sure there aren’t any other automations also assigned to the device?

You already know this, I’m sure, but just for anyone else who comes across this later, to check the automations assigned to your device:

One) open the SmartThings mobile app

Two) click on the rooms icon (four tiny little squares at the bottom of the screen)

  1. click on “things” at the top of the page

Four) scroll down until you find a device that has the weird time

Five) click on just the name of that device (not the icons on the left or the right of it, just the name) to open its details page

Six) on the details page for the device, click on “smartapps” at the top right and then you will see a list of the automations currently assigned to the device. Check each one just to make sure there’s not some setting you’ve forgotten about.

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hmmm… I should have checked this earlier. So my dad changed the time on the automation to Sunset -30… Duhh :sweat:

@JDRoberts Thanks for the quick response as always. Found the issue just before I saw it! :joy:

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