Sunset automation

I am trying to turn on a my front porch light at sunset, but don’t see that option under Automation>Automatically Perform>At A Certain Time

I only see a specific time…not Sunset as the ST documentation suggests should be an option. My only thought is there is a setting somewhere else where I set the time zone or something so the ST knows when sunset is in my area?

Side note: I also tried to set this up through the Smart Lights SmartApp, but 1) it gave me an error while saving when I tried to add a 15 minute offset and 2) the error went away when I removed the offset, however the automation is not working.

Any and all feedback is appreciated!

Do you have your geo location set?

I don’t know how to do that so I’m guessing no…

Do you mind letting me know how to do this? Thanks!

I just Googled this and I assume you are talking about my Location while using the app? That was turned off…I now enabled Location Services for ST.

Will this correct my issue?

Thanks for your help.

In the Samsung Connect app, click on the Devices tab. At the very top in the center is a pull-down selection, choose your Home location instead of All Devices. Next, click on the 3 dots in the upper right of the screen and select Edit. You will see the geolocation section on that screen.