Harmony and SmartThings re-integration: Harmony activities not showing in ST app

I have been using Harmony (Hub) with SmartThings for maybe 5 years. I use Harmony Activities in my SmartThings automations. Just two weeks ago SmartThings stopped controlling Harmony activities completely. I figured it was just an integration issue (since Harmony works just fine with IFTTT and Alexa) so I deleted the Harmony linked service in SmartThings, deleted all the left over Harmony activities and deleted the old Harmony SmartApp (which was disconnected anyway and refused to connect). I also deleted the SmartThings service in the Harmony app. Thought I would start with a clean slate.

I went back in to the Harmony app and re-added SmartThings without issue and I can control SmartThings devices from Harmony again. “Harmony” shows as a linked service in the ST app. I can NOT however see any Harmony activities in the SmartThings app (so I can’t add them to my automations). I have tried deleting and re-adding the service several times.

I am sure I am either missing something or not understanding how the new SmartThings architecture has affected all this. I did contact SmartThings and Harmony support … and lets just say … they werent helpful.

How do I get my Harmony activities to once again show up in SmartThings?? I know I am on borrowed time since Harmony is going away … but I have 5 hubs and use Harmony to also link my Insteon devices to SmartThings … and it worked perfectly for years.

Any anmd all advice is appreciated.


I noticed this as well. This isn’t completely unexpected. The Harmony groovy smart app was apparently responsible for creating and maintaining the Harmony activities as ST Scenes. It looks like ST finally turned off that Smart App as part of the death of groovy. While Logitech has fixed the Harmony app to work with the new ST Edge architecture, they haven’t written anything to replace the deprecated ST Smart App. I would be shocked if Logitech does anything about this. Although, they surprised many people by fixing their app to support the new ST Edge architecture. There is a “3rd party” Edge driver being developed by @lmullineux that does some pretty cool stuff that the Harmony smart app could not. I personally haven’t tried it and haven’t researched it enough to know how/if it can be used to control Harmony Activities like the old groovy solution. I’m guessing there is probably a way.

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@TylerDurden The driver mentioned does support activities, it creates them as devices in st that can be controlled & it has a bonus of working completely locally. It also offers direct device control (i.e sending individual ir commands directly to harmony devices - this is something the legacy integration could not do)

@Charlieojs have a read of the thread, feel free to reach out to me if you get stuck ( it’s not the most user friendly setup)


Do you have a smartthings/aeotec hub, and if so, which model? (I’m guessing you probably do, since five years ago that was a requirement for a smartthings account, but it isn’t now.)

A hub would be required to use the custom edge driver solution which others have mentioned. :thinking:


Thanks @lmullineux for sparing me some research :relieved: The local execution and direct interface to device commands are exciting capabilities you’ve created. I can’t wait to try it out!

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It’s a very well done driver. Solid as a rock.

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Thank you!! Glad to know I am not the lone ranger on this issue. Because of my Insteon devices having limited connectivity with other apps, the Harmony connection to SmartThings is pretty important to me. I am just happy Logitech hasn’t shut Harmony down completely.

I have both the last Samsung SmartThing manufactured hub and the Aotec, for whatever that is worth. I use the Harmony on the Samsung SmartThings hub.

So, what is the process for using this new Edge driver for Harmony? I did a bit of reading, and it sounds more complicated than the Smart Apps were. Is there any step-by-step post?

Thanks again for all the advice.

I believe the steps are outlined in the hyperlink I provided in my post. Here’s the same link not embedded into my paragraph:


I have this exact same problem. I now see the Harmony as a linked device but is now missing in Automations!

Is there a fix to get this back, it’s the only way I was able to control multiple Harmony hubs with Alexa, was through ST.

Thanks for any help!

Exactly! I have five Harmony hubs. I was able to go into any room with a hub and ask Alexa to turn the TV on using the ST Harmony integration. I believe those days are over. However, it seems like there is hope for an Edge driver. I just need to try and figure out how to load it all up :joy:.

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Yep, same. I just went over to the Edge driver thread and I can report it does work! It has an option to “auto-add” your activities which totally worked for each of my hubs! Alexa saw them right away, and I just had to rename them to their friendly names.

I recommend give it a go, just go step by step and scroll down to where the activity finding feature was added. Good luck!


Will give it a try later today.


How do I delete the harmony smartapp I switched to the edge driver and it works great but the smartapp keeps creating duplicate devices all over the place

Tap and hold on the app You should get the trash can option to delete it.

Constantly get network error, any other way?