How to add Harmony to SmartThings

I am relatively new to this, so I am floundering a bit. I have a logitech harmony hub. I want to control it with SmartThings.

I have seen several posts telling me to publish the Logitech Harmony Connect app in the IDE. I did that.

Then it says to use the Classic app which no longer works at all.

The new app shows no hint of allowing me to do anything at all with any smart apps that I can see.

Anyone have any ideas?

i’ve decided to edit my original post, because although technically accurate, I think it was confusing. So my apologies for any mixup.

You used to be able to integrate harmony the same way you do most integrations, by starting from the smartthings app.

However, starting sometime in late 2020, this changed, as @Nezmo and @nathancu have noted, and now it only works if you start from the harmony app and select smartthings there. Here’s the official harmony support page:

I had mentioned that you can also get partial integration through IFTTT or Alexa routines, but after @Nezmo ‘s explanation below, there doesn’t seem to be much point to that. So again, my apologies for any confusion. :sunglasses:

I totally meant the way I said it: SmartThings → Harmony control. IE, use SmartThings to trigger Harmony activities.

For me, the most obvious reason use case is voice assistant triggers, but there are other automations I’d like to set up that might include a Harmony activity.

I feel like I got into SmartThings right when everything got neutered. Smart apps and the “classic” app appear to be totally dead.

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Ok, you can definitely do that using IFTTT as an intermediary.

If all you want is voice assistant triggers, you don’t need a Harmony/smartthings integration for that, harmony has its own integration with both Alexa and Google home.

You can also include harmony in an Alexa routine, which will be free, but is kind of limited.

But again, there may be other options which other people will know more about. I can’t use the new 2021 SmartThings app because it is not voice navigable (I’m tetraplegic), so I’m pretty out of date on that. :disappointed_relieved:

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Dang. Yeah, I am sure there are workarounds with IFTTT (though I hate the latency I have always experienced) or directly using Alexa <-> Harmony, I was hoping to have a single system be the “brains,” and to layer functionality on top of that.

What a drag to have that kind of fall apart. Thanks for all your insight, though!

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The ST integration is still there. From within the Harmony app you need to enable SmartThings (Harmony Setup / Add/Edit Devices & Activities / Devices / Add Device / Home Control / SmartThings) then it will show up in the ST app under Automations where you can then add the Harmony Hub/activities to ST.


this is the way… it worked for me

initializing the connection from harmony to smartthings does the trick… the reverse does not work despite publishing the smartapp in IDE

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Nice, that did it, thank you. That… seems so strange, but it works!