New features in Gentle Wake Up, how to publish?

I checked out Gentle Wake Up from the Smart Things public repository and added a bunch of new features:

Added features:

  • start from current value, or from specific value if light is off
  • choose colors for color capable lights
  • choose temperatures for temperature capable lights
  • start from current color or temperature
  • individual color/temperature settings available per light
  • only start automagically when in one of the selected modes

My question is, should this be published as an update to Gentle Wake Up or should it be published as a separate app? (assume that current settings in Gentle Wake Up will be compatible with my changes)

Link to the source code on my Github:


It also needs to only work in certain modes. It’s the biggest missing feature.

done, implemented

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One thing I’d love if you changing the app is colour change.

E.g. Start at very dark blue and slow fade through to red, orange then white to mimic the rising sun (only a lot quicker) as mine doesn’t seem to change all that much, just get brighter.


@kraegd With the changes I made to the app you should be able to do this by creating two dimmers. It’s a good request, though. Do you think you could submit it on the app in Github?

The question still stands: should this be a separate app from Gentle Wake Up, or an update? It adds enough features that I don’t actually call it Gentle Wake Up anymore but rather Gentle Dimmer.

@Aaron I’m going to mention you since you helped me with my last issue. thanks :wink:

Is this available in the Marketplace yet? I can definitely use these features around my home.

It is not published yet. I’m ironing out a few more wrinkles but should hopefully submit it for review soon.

Update: I decided to publish this as a separate app for the following reasons:

  • I can clean up much of the code base by not needing to worry about old preference settings
  • The features list has been greatly expanded
  • I have even more features planned

Looks great. One issue is it will not save.

Errors saving rootPage.


Yeah, I encountered that bug and fixed it on my end, but haven’t committed yet. I found another bug where there is actually a difference between the the current light’s color and the current light’s temperature, for lights driven by the zigbee-rgbw device handler.

I’m working on handling that difference in my code because I don’t expect it is something that will be handled by all device handlers, especially not vendor specific ones.

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Working with custom device handlers is somewhat more difficult than I had expected. The color/temperature difference bug in device handlers is going to continue to exist for a little white.

The app has been submitted for publication as “Gentle Dimmer.” Will update as I get updates.

Any news on updates. I still can’t save a routine

I don’t know what the status of my publication request, but the latest commits to my github seem to be stable, at least for me. Have you updated recently? What sorts of behavior are you experiencing?

I am on your latest. I get an error when I save it. It says an unexpected error occurred.

It seems to save. Might work once if I’m lucky then the smart app uninstalls from the device. Assuming it’s not properly saving or has a bit of code not liked.

Oh I’m tri g to pick a colour and use the mode option

Not tried saving a basic routine yet

Got this error when clicking done after programming SmartApp: Device type ‘Gentle Wake Up Controller’ in namespace ‘smartthings’ not found. @ line 386

Any status on publication? Thanks!

@DrZ123 You need to deploy the Gentle Wake Up controller to your account as well in “My Device Handlers”. I don’t know why it won’t just recognize the existing one but… whatever:

@wala0003 No Idea. According to the online “My Publication Requests” it hasn’t even made it into the review stage yet.

hi there!
this is a great smartapp thanks!
I have installed the smartapp and the device handler,
mostly it gets partway through
then seems to consistently crash my lightify bulbs :frowning:
it leaves them unresponsive and a reset is usually required to get them back online…
anyone got any ideas where I should start?

I installed the device handler and the smartapp, but am having some issues. When I run the app it never actually does anything. It starts counting down for a couple of seconds then seems to freeze. The lights I’m trying to control never actually turn on. Bulbs are two LIFX bulbs. Any idea why this might be happening? Tried with both the color temp control on and off. No difference.

@gladclef Thanks for “fixing” Gentle Wake Up. I’ve been wanting this feature for a while. Nice job.