Gentle Wake Up Problems

I’ve been struggling to get this working for some time now. At first I just kept getting an error when trying to save my settings within the smartapp, then discovered you had to have the controller as well. Added the controller and still, no luck, couldn’t get it to show up in the app. Now I think I’ve made some progress, but I think it is negative progress. My dresser lights (the lights I’m trying to get this app working on) now have turned to the gentle wake up icon and it says stopped next to it. The light now acts as a dimmer rather than a light i.e. I have no on/off color, intensity, temp control. Additionally, now when I try to program the gentle wake up app, the dresser lights don’t show up. When I try to delete the device handler for gentle wake up, it says I can’t because it is in use. I don’t want to delete the dresser lights because I already have them programmed into multiple routines and apps, and I don’t want to have to redo all that work. Please help?

OK. So I ended up figuring out how to fix this right after I posted. Just went into my location, found the device then changed the type to, ‘zigbee RGBW bulb’. I would still like to get gentle wake up working properly, could someone please walk me through it?