Yet another ceiling fan/zwave integration question

I have one 12/2 romex, as many do, going from circuit breaker panel, to a single wall switch (where the hot is switched) to a ceiling fan/light. You turn on the switch, and then you control the fan with the pull chain, and light with the pull chain.

Yes, I know there are several options, mostly zigbee, for separately controlling a ceiling fan/light. I’d like to know if MY thought-of option has merit. I am using the Go-Control/Linear/Nortek paddle switches everywhere in my house - I really don’t want to use something different in a couple of rooms where there are ceiling fans. Adding a second 12/2 romex is not possible.

I would like to install an Enerwave ZWN-RSM2 Plus relay at the fan, with load 1 connected to the light, and load 2 connected to the fan.

I would like to install TWO WT00Z-1 switches in the wall (replacing the single switch, installing a two-gang box).

The hot lead and neutral lead (and ground, of course) would be split three ways: One WT00Z-1 switch (for the light), one WT00Z-1 switch (for the fan), and one that continues on the single romex 12/2 to the ZWN-RSM2 Plus relay at the fan.

I would use the pull chain to turn the fan light on (and probably remove/tuck up that chain), and use the pull chain to set the fan speed where I want it.

I would then set Smartthings (through an automation, or association/or Tweaker, or Webcore) so if the Light switch (WT00Z-1) is turned on, the ZWN-RSM2 Load ONE would activate to power the light. If the Fan switch (the other WT-00Z-1) is turned on, the ZWN-RSM2 Load TWO would activate to power the FAN. (I can also control Load ONE and TWO through the SmartThings App).

The only manual thing I would ever have to do is if I want to change the fan speed, I would have to use the pull chain (or use the switch to reverse fan direction).

Please let me know if this is feasible.

As a part 2 to this: Is there a different relay, or TWO relays, I could use at the fan/light that would control the fan speed and dim the light?

Edit 1: Looks like the Aeotec Dual Nano would serve the same purpose as the Enerwave.

What you describe would work fine for the light kit. But not for the fan motor. I can’t think of any multi speed fan that would work with the devices that you mentioned, you’re very likely to start a fire or burn out the fan motor.

Motors just have different physics than lights, with power surges at different points and a drop down power sequence. You need a device specifically related to work with motors even just to turn on a multi speed fan.

The basic idea is OK, you just need a different device. At one point some people were putting a GE zwave fan control switch inside the fan canopy, and that would work. There’s a discussion thread on that in the forum. (This is a clickable link)

Haha ok, the (past) electrician-trained part of me shudders at this, but yeah, I can see how it would work. I’d use one of these for the fan, and then the relay for the light. Thanks for the link!

Hey, could I install one of the zigbee/wink things at the fan, allowing for both fan and light control, and use two wt00z-1’s in the wall, and use an automation to allow the switches to control the zigbee (webcore or some other"if switch is this then that)?

Sure. :sunglasses:

By the way, there is also a new model for the fan controller which has bond built into it and is supposed to come with SmartThings integration. It’s WiFi, not zigbee, which I personally like better for a fan just because zigbee has a real problem with the rotating fan blades so people frequently end up having to add an additional zigbee repeater up near the ceiling line.

But I don’t know anyone who’s actually tried it yet:

New Fan/Light Controller for Smartthings (Universal Smart Ceiling Fan Remote)

Heh update! My spouse says he doesn’t care if the wall switch is different. So the zigbee or wifi looks good, and I won’t need a 2 gang.

I do like the zigbee in-wall switch a bit better.

My smart things hub is located the floor above the fans - does that help the blade interference?