Recommendation for controlling older Hampton Bay fans

I have two fans that are in my living room, that were here when we bought the house. The ceiling is high, and the fans work fine, so I would prefer to just leave them there for the time being. They are both remote controlled, with the UC7080T remote that has H/M/L/Off/Lights. I’d like to add these into the smartthings somehow. What would be the simplest and most cost effective way of doing this? I saw talk about broadlink from a year or two ago but then it dropped off. Any help would be appreciated.

This link may help:

Can’t tell what that remote uses from a quick Google.

If it’s RF, the BOND device might work.

I’m pretty sure it’s RF. There’s no IR transmitter I can see. I was thinking about installing one of those controllers but it’s nigh impossible based on where these are. That’s why I was thinking a bond or a broadlink rf would be better.

Did you look at the link I posted?..

Don’t know about the OP, but my living room fan is 18ft up. I’m not even going up that high to install a receiver/controller in the fan itself.

Mine is a Fanimation/Levon with an RF controller. I don’t have a great need to change its setting often so it stays dumb for now.

Yes, I visited the link but there’s two problems. First, the fans are a good 15’ off the ground, from a 20’ ceiling with 5’ down tubes. Second, I’ll need two receivers to get the fans going. That is why I was thinking that using something like a bond or something like that.

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Whichever you do, post results. I’ve got a couple of Levon fans with RF remotes. If I hear enough good things about one of the RF solutions, I might invest in one.

My biggest concern is that there’s no feedback from the fan to the RF controller. If a command fails for some reason, the RF controller won’t “know”.

As of now I can’t recommend the Broadlink RM Pro+. The Hampton Bay units that I have operate in the 303 mhz range, just outside of what is supported.

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I have a Hampton Bay fan with a UC7083T remote and the Bond hub works great. It also controls two Harbor Breeze fans without a problem.


I can confirm now that the bond works fine with my older Hampton Bay fans. Now, how do I control the speed? I have speed 1,2,3 set. What do I say to get them to work?

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