New Door Sensor No Network ID No Hub etc

Yesterday I added a WNK-DW1 sensor to my Hub v3, using the ST App. In the app, the sensor is listed if I open the Hub tile. The sensor is assigned to location Home and room Home. It is correctly showing open/closed and battery properly (but tamper and temperature are blank).

But when I go to the IDE website, the new sensor is not assigned to my Hun, has no Network ID, no Route, no Metrics, no Data found, no RAW description. But Status says Online and last activity seems correct.

What’s going on?

The IDE is part of the old architecture, and as such, the information there is now inaccurate for new devices which are added using the new architecture. The IDE itself will be going away once the transition is complete to the new architecture. So basically anything strange that you see there should be ignored, and if you need information about a device, you should use one of the new methods.

FAQ: Why does the IDE list “placeholder” for my device? Can I change that?