Door Set Device in IDE - Getting Generic Error

Hi All,

I haven’t had any luck finding this in searches, and ST Support couldn’t help. I"m hoping someone here might have some ideas.

I am trying to use the Door Set device from the IDE site to combine my door sensor and lock into 1 device in Smart Things. I have added the device in the IDE site and it shows up in the app. In the app, when I go to specify the lock and the sensor to use, it gives me a red pop up saying “An Unexpected error occured.”

I have a kwikset deadbolt door lock and a GoControl contact sensor on my front door to my house. They are 2 separate devices in Smart Things, both work fine independently. I’d just like them to show as the 1 device instead of 2 and it seemed the door set would be the way to do this. I’m also on the v2 hub.

Has anyone run into this or successfully made this work? Can I find more specific errors in an error log any where? Does anyone have other ways of making this work or would this be the best bet?

Thanks for any help you can provide!