Just switched to v2 hub, where are my doors?!?!

So I just switched over to a V2 hub, thanks to long delays I’ve been getting with 60ish devices on the V1… I have 4 doors in my house with 2 devices (open/closed sensor and a door lock), how the hell do I create these doors again so I can see that it’s closed AND locked and not hanging open with the damned deadbolt sticking out?

Similarly, my garage door has an open/closed sensor and a relay to activate it, how do I get that back?

Without knowing the make of the sensors or whether that are z-wave and zigbee I would suggest you get them back to factory default or dis-associate and then re-associate to the new hub.

No Bob that’s not the problem. All the devices are there. I cannot group the open/close sensor and the lock together in one screen so I can see it at the same time like I had before, I can’t find the screen to create the “door” anymore

If you’re referring to the “old dashboards”, they’re gone with v2.

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Ok. Sorry i misunderstood what you meant.
You could create a ‘Room’ I suppose and group them all in that.

It’s history…

More info here: (and a few other discussions)


Well back to the V1 for me then because my delays are still present with the V2 and devices/automations running locally. What a crock of horse shit.

I believe it may be too late if you’ve already moved everything over and/or your old Location in ST has been removed. Again, I think.

EDIT: Actually if you’ve removed all your devices from v1, which means the dashboards become empty, you’re done.


Nah I had them both active in parallel as I was migrating over. Old one is all still intact just with no devices. Now to go re pair 60 damned devices. Ugh.

See above. I believe once devices are gone, assuming the Dashboards no longer show up for you in the app, then there’s no going back.

Dashboards are still there, just moved a pair of devices back to a door that was still there, no issues.


You got lucky!

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The Dashboards are/were just “Solution SmartApps” (i.e., plain old regular SmartApps but using some API calls not available to us mere Community Mortals).

Like all SmartApps, each instance is installed in a Location (i.e., tied to a Hub). These were installed by default for new Locations until Hub V2 / App V2 was released. At which point, they still existed for all non-deleted Locations/Hubs, but did not appear for new Hubs.

Thus giving the impression that Hub V2 didn’t support these Dashboard Solution SmartApps. They would work just fine if SmartThings gave us the source code or put them in the Marketplace.

These apps were considered poor performing (and they were definitely not optimal code) and “replaced” with Smart Home Monitor. More replacements have been promised for > 1 year.

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Some of us are lucky enough to have not lost our dashboards. :sunglasses:

They are so easy to get a visualization of who’s home, what’s open, what’s locked, and of course that there is no “damage or danger” lol

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