New door lock doesn't show up with icon in "Doors and Locks"

I’m installing some Kwikset 910 locks right now.

For some reason, the second one (Back Door) I installed isn’t showing up with an icon in the “Doors and Locks” area . I have a Smartthings open/close sensor on the door, along with the Kwikset. Both show up in “Things”. I have the same setup on my Front Door, and it shows up fine in “Door and Locks”, along with an icon on the second page. I went into “Doors and Locks” and added the Back Door and lock…and I see them still there if I try to do it again, but no Icon for the Back Door. Front Door has an icon.

I suspect I did something wrong. I had another Kwikset that was acting up on the Back Door, so I completely removed it. Before that, the open/close sensor was showing activity in Doors and Locks.

This may be a confusing description of my problem…but that’s because I’m confused.


Have you tried adding it to doors and locks yet? Use the gear @ the top.

Yeah, it’s added. I should restate what I mean by “icon”…it’s the shortcut that gets created. When I click “Doors and Locks” and the Shortcuts page opens, it just has the Front Door. But if I then click the gear, both doors are there and configured the same.

If I go back to the Dashboard, under Doors and Locks, it only shows the status of the Front Door sensors. It used to show the Back Door sensor also (before I added the lock), but somehow that’s gone.

To my knowledge shortcuts are only for things that are actionable, like locks and switches. A door w/o a lock has no actions and shouldn’t be on the shortcut page. one swipe over is the right now page it should show all your doors and their state.

Right…but the door does have a lock now, and an open/close sensor. It doesn’t show up in the “Right now” screen.

Well, not sure what I did, but I went back in and checked everything I had added for the Back Door, and hit Done again…and the shortcut is now there. Very strange.