Iphone, Creating Short cut for Lock installed under things?

Hello, I’m new to smart things and am really enjoying it so far! I have a quick question, I’ve added a kwikset lock and it shows up under things, but i’d like to create a shortcut like my lights & switches short cut? I can’t seem to find a way to do it bouncing around. Only thing i can think of is to remove it and re add it under locks. Any help would be great cause!



You can use chat to talk to support@smartthings.com and they should know.

Click on support at the top right on this page, then troubleshooting, then look for the tiny chat window at the bottom right of the page.

I think what you are missing is a contact sensor to turn your lock into a door for it to show up under locks and doors.

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Just go about adding it as a door and select your lock. You don’t need the contact sensor as far as I know.


@sidjohn1 may be totally right. Looks like there has to be a contact sensor to get the alerts but of course a custom app can be written for the lock. I am using the lock mostly manually or using the ST zwave lock but will soon move to lock code manager by Erik. As of now just checking if the locksmith installed it correctly.

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Thanks, adding it as a door worked for creating the menu! At some point I will have to get the sensors, but knowing it’s locked was a good first step. And I like the shortcut menu!

Thanks for the help!

This is what you get as basic zwave lock in ST unless you use Erik’s great code.

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