Garage door - Am I missig something

(Curtis Frazier) #1

So I have a relay and a tilt sensor in my garage. On the Door & Locks page I have my garage door shortcut that works great, shows the status and I can tap to change.

However on my Things page, I see the sensor as a regular a door and the relay that says off. My husband is always confused what that “door” is. How can I change the icon? (I’d also like to change the doors to doors and the mailbox to something too.)

(Eric) #2

I just had a related question…how did you get the Doors & Locks page to show the shortcut? I had to remove my relay and re-add to ST because it stopped responding. It used to have a shortcut in Doors & Locks, and I can’t recall how to get it back in there.

I have the above situation in things, and I basically have my wife not go in the garage GROUP I created…she uses (or would use) the shortcuts in Doors & Locks.

I change icons by going into preferences after hitting the gears.


This FAQ explains shortcut groups (they’re not intuitive):

And this post from GaryD9 explains how they work for garage doors.

Hopefully those will help.

(Curtis Frazier) #4

From the dashboard, use the plus sign to add something new > switches and dimmer > select a relay (like the Evolve Z-Wave LFM-20) > Top Alets and Actions > use "Door Garage Control by ST.

Should sove your issue :smile:

(Eric) #5

FWIW, it just decided to show up again about 90 minutes later after I thought I had it done right.

Just another day! But still LOVE my ST install.