How to add monoprice door/window sensor shorcut to "Doors & Locks"

Is there a way to add the monoprice door/window sensors to ST “Doors & Locks” section? I put this door sensor on a door and it shows that it’s open/closed from the preview, but when I look in shortcuts it’s not there. Any ideas?

from the dashboard, hit the “+” at the bottom…

swipe to “alerts”

select “access and entryways”

select the first option…

configure however you want.

Sure! Go into Doors & Locks and tap the gear in the upper right hand corner. Next, go all the way down to bottom of the list that comes up and tap “Add a door”.

In the next screen, provide a name and tap on Next. Next, tap on "Know if it’s open or closed. Select your door sensor, answer the remaining questions, and then tap Next again, then Done.

Thank you @garyd9 & @johnconstantelo for the quick reply, but I tried both methods and it does not show up as a shortcut icon. I can see the door is open, but it does not show up on my shortcuts. Any ideas?

It won’t show up as a shortcut unless there’s something for it to shortcut TO. In other words, it has to have an associated lock device.

Otherwise, it’ll only show in the summary and on the second page of doors&locks.

Bummer! Thank you for the info! @garyd9