New connect app

My phone isant working as a presence sensor on the new app tried every thing ended up deleting the Android presence sensor togal off the app and naw am not abull to get it back on eny idea’s

Just use the classic app. You can re-add you mobile presence through the marketplace.

I have tried that but no luck unfortunately

what is the error you get re-adding it in the classic app?

I can add it in the classic app it just won’t show up in the new app

The new app doesn’t work with SmartThings yet. There are posts all over the forum about it.

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The new app doesn’t have the full feature set of the classic app. One of the missing items is mobile presence. Stick with the Classic app until they get the new app up so speed.


So let’s get this right - you’re saying that the just-released app called SmartThings doesn’t work with the product of the same name, from the same company, called SmartThings. And that is despite the company telling new users that they should use the new app called SmartThings and not the old app called SmartThings which is now called SmartThings Classic,

I simply don’t get why it might be confusing.


I really hope they do but I fear the new app might end up lacking some functionality of the old one. Did they commit to integrating presence to the new app?

It doesn’t really matter why they did it. You have to use SmartThings Classic till they migrate your account. Simple as that.

I was replying to your question. You’re the one complaining and using foul language. No one on this forum has any control over what Samsung does. Why don’t you try searching the forum for other posts on this topic? There are a bunch.


A couple employees have posted in here that the Classic app will be around until they get the new one caught up.