Android as presence sensor

The new connect app is not picking my phone up as a presence sensor I have deleted the Android togal and naw can’t get it back on if eny one has eny ideas plz let me no thanks

That was pretty painful to read, can you please try again?


The new connect app doesn’t work with SmartThings yet. You should be using the SmartThings Classic app.

Ryan do you ever read the forum replies ??? it works fine dependant on various caveats, you just keep spamming incorrect replies, i am using the app 100% no issues but it has limitations, so it is working !!

Just saying it does not work is just wrong !!! infact it works perfect with Smartthings devices and has custom device type limitations

I’ve seen several replies that android presence sensors on the new app do not work yet. Maybe read the OP, then reply?

Well for the person who asked it doesn’t seem to work. So ryans reply to use the old app is a pretty good solution, regardless if it works perfectly for you.

Chill mate, no need to get personal over an app update…