Still having to revert to the classic app

I’ve had SmartThings for quite a few years now and we only had one choice in terms of iOS app to use. Now there are two apps but one thing I constantly find myself doing is confirming the status of a device in the classic app. For example, today the SmartThings app is reporting that one of my hue lights can not be found yet I open the classic app and it’s switched on and working fine. These events are random and I would hate to think that I would have to completely rely on the new app, it’s slower and just not reliable enough. Unfortunately, any new routines, automations, scenes etc., have to be created in the new app. I really hope it’s sorted out before the classic app is removed. I will continue to use both apps independently until such time that the new app appears stable and performs as expected.


I have a battery powered Aotec multisensor 6 doing exactly the same. The odd thing is it’s fine if I power it over usb…

There is a problem with the new app currently - lots of people in last few days reporting it’s not showing status of devices properly even when they are working fine with classic app. I guess we’re not getting confirmation or advice from staff because it’s the weekend.

There’s been a problem with the new Samsung app for over 2 years, it’s never worked correctly.

Lol well it’s worse now :smiley:

Welcome to the club. I’ve tried using the new app many times, but have always reverted back to Classic. It’s slow and not reliable. It’s pretty sad that the “new” app is 2+ years old now and it still can’t meet expectations

Yeah, the new app has been constantly showing the “checking status” message on a ton of devices over the last few days. Rather annoying.

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