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New Color Theme in ST App?

(Patrick Musselman) #1

Mine is showing up in blue instead of green I think I missed something. I have had a few rough days with ST and this is not helping my sanity.

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(Bobby) #2

Pictures would help understand better…

(Ricci Hoffer) #3

I have a mix, blue and green. Everything seems to work though.

BeSense ZWave Ceiling PIR Motion Detector
(Patrick Musselman) #4

what @rhoffer says.

Reply from support
The color of the devices within the Things view of the app are a function of the device type handler. We’re making a change to the color and havent changed all of the device type handlers yet.

Green things vs Blue in SmartThings iOS app
(Bobby) #5

Oh I see…They need more shades of blue…

(Ray) #6

Yeah, just noticed all my RGB bulbs and ST/iris plugs are blue as well. Wonder what’s the reasoning behind it.

(Bernie H) #7

My een vents have always been blue. Also wondering why the change to other devices.

(Joel W) #8

Logical if you are in the USA the Blue and Red states. Let’s change the green to red for fun.Ha Ha

(Bobby) #9

Because they just aligned most to green, except the vents…after about 2 years…

(Bernie H) #10

Noticed some of my open close sensors are blue others green, same with bulbs Guess we will see where they end up.


For my in-wall Wemo switches the status is now blue in the Thing list but still green on the main device page.

(Geko) #12

FCOL. Apparently, SmartThings developers just like messing around with colors, for the lack of better things to do. And you would think they’d be busy working on really important stuff. :confused:

Different colored status
(Patrick Musselman) #13

darn wikileaks!

(Mike Maxwell) #14

Too freaking funny, we went with blue what?, about a year ago?, then a few days later that got pulled and back to green we went…, now blue again, which I like better anyway…

(codersaur) #15

This seems like another botched change to me. Most people are going to have a mixture of native and custom community device handlers, so now we are going to have an inconsistent UI with some devices green and others blue. WHY?!?!?!

(Sam G) #16

Agreed…between blue green yellow orange, it’s not very consistent. Ideally we should be able to modify at user level. Color based solely on stock vs custom DH doesn’t make sense

(Patrick Musselman) #17

It looks like a Christmas tree and is sending my OCD into overdrive.

(Robin) #18

Well that’s gonna get annoying… I currently use a mix of blue / green / orange (to distinguish between function switches and load carrying devices.

Some info on how to change colours on custom handlers here:


White = backgroundColor:"#ffffff"
Green = backgroundColor:"#79b821"
Blue = backgroundColor:"#66ccff"
Orange = backgroundColor:"#ff9900"

Would be nice if ST could confirm the exact Hex code for their chosen ‘blue’ so developers can ensure a match.

I guess I’ll need to pick a new colour for my function switches… maybe purple?


Or even just told us what was going on instead of us all wondering WTH.


The new blue is #00A0DC

Here is their change: