Did ST just swap out the color picker?

Not sure if this is just on the Android client, or if the iOS client is experiencing this as well - so I included both platforms in the tag.

Why in the name of all that is holy did SmartThings swap out a perfectly good color picker wheel for this monstrosity from 1990? Hue and Saturation? Seriously?

It also doesn’t store color history in a palette like the previous color picker did, which is tragic. I have 6 lights in a cluster, now I have to remember the HS value for each and every light.

Is there a way to get the color wheel back, or is there a global setting I’m not aware of?

(Also, is anyone else incredibly irritated by this, or is it just me?)

This seems like the third color UI change in the past 2 months. First they combined the color and temperature tiles into 1. I guess it’s good you can type the values now? :man_shrugging:t2: The recent colors do store in the main tile.

Really @Automated_House? I can’t find anywhere they store… where do you see that tile? (Are you iOS or Android, btw?) I get the “recently used colors” list that you see, but they are all blank all the time, except for the hardcoded color wheel and white temperature wheel.

I’m getting the color history as well. I had to change to a new color to get that section to populate after the color picker changed.

I got nothin’…

This is all I see after several color changes:

I’m on iOS

Android here. Light strips on a DHs, bulbs on Edge. All good.


Maybe if I clear the cache for the app?

I’ll be damned if it didn’t start working tonight.

Sorry for the false alarm everyone, I am still annoyed the color picker is using saturation and hue though.

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