Color Changing Security

Hello everyone.

I have a pretty big ST setup, and would like to use a few color changing bulbs with my window sensors. The idea being if a window is opened when the ST is armed, then it may change a bulb color from white to red etc. I thought about using the Philips Hue color bulbs but do not want to have to have another network connection with their bridge.

Can anyone tell me if I can even set the system up to change a light color if a window is opened? Also if they can recommend a color changing bulb that does not require a hub?

PS Smartthings, it is still BS that we cannot choose to use a local only mode should we wish, and that we cannot have direct access to Phillips Hue as you use the same technology.

Rule Machine will allow you to change the color of the bulb, and turn it on if needed, with the window opening.

Lifx bulbs should work directly with ST. Hue will also, but it is more tricky.

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It’s possible. Rule machine is your best bet to do it that I can think of.

For bulbs, the Osram Lightify RGBW A19 is now officially supported. Lifx bulbs are wifi, so no extra hub; but the integration is cloud-to-cloud through their API.

You can connect Hue bulbs directly to ST and they work well. ST has not made them officially supported because Philips didn’t provide an easy way to reset their bulbs like other manufacturers did with the on/off cycling, so it’s possible that once you get the bulb connected, you’re stuck. Recently the Lutron Connected Bulb Remote was released that is able to reset them, but I don’t think ST is going to change their stance and I don’t expect them to. It’s too complex a situation for the mass consumer market.

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Thank you for the info. I was thinking about buying the Lightfy bulbs as they use the same system. I have a Hue bulb and it will not connect at all. I do not know if this has anything to do with my V2 hub or what, but I do not want another hub as my router is all out of ports, plus I bought the Smartthings hub as it said it had the most support anyway.

I use the Lifx bulbs…but the only reason was I wanted “blue” as a color choice for a water alarm and regular Hue’s don’t do blue. Lifx don’t require a different hub, but they do use your wifi.

@Aricsdaddy Aeon and Zipato have Z-Wave color changing bulbs. The Aeon works with SmartThings, but I am not sure about the Zipato.

I can confirm the Osram Lightify RGBW works with the ST hub, just got one and works right out of the box and am looking to do something similar to you with color change for certain events.

I use the Osram myself across the house I use Rule Machine and set a Bulb color on event, this allows you to set the color and lux works perfectly fine if ST is processing correctly