OSRAM Lightify RGBW A19 Bulb (73703) now at Home Depot! Color changing!

Saw it today where they have all the Home Automation devices bunched together. $39.97. Couldn’t believe my eyes.

I can’t find it yet on Home Depot website using model number (73703). Not on Lowes. Not on Best Buy.

I can find it on Amazon website, availability updated to ships within 2-5 weeks.

Can’t wait to see how much I can control it with SmartThings.


Very popular in the UK already, and by all accounts a great bulb. ST has an official zigbee RGBW devicetype in progress or just released. There are also custom devicetypes for this bulb.

The one in this thread adds several enhanced features. They may work out of the box or may need a firmware update using the Lightify gateway. (There’s also a non-enhanced version of this in the master branch on Git that works 100% out of the box for the UK version of this bulb.)


My LIFX 800’s out preform my Philips Hue by leaps and bounds. How do the Lightify A19 RGBW bulbs look? I see they are rated at 800 lumens. Has anyone compared them to the Hue and LIFX?