Osram Lightify Tunable 2-Pack @ $34.99 shipped

Saw this one on a general deals site. Price seems good, if you need a couple of these.


Thanks, picked one up. I have the Gardenspot minis and assume setup will be the same.

Just remember the Osram A19 have a tendency to break Zigbee mesh, not repeat commands to devices after them.

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Will a firmware update fix the problem?

Not that I’ve seen. I did NOT have the tunable white, just the plain bright white. I ended up taking them out because the PIR in the same room was always falling off at least once a week. If I shut off the Osram bulbs , rebuilt Zigbee mesh, then turn the power to bulbs back on PIR would be fine until the next time ST Hub rebooted.

Once I replaced the 2 Osram with Hues the PIR has not dropped off in months.

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I have three of the on/off/dimming bulbs and have not had any issues with them. The flex light, on the other hand…

My 2 original Gardenspots still drop off/ freeze about once a week. The other 4 sets never give me any issues. All running the same FW. So the obviously changed something along the way.

I have 1 gardenspot controller and now 4 flex rgbw strips/controllers. Not ran into any major issues that I’d account to them like before. So I’m betting most rgb/w are fairly safe compared to the a19’s.

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I’ve got 3 Osram A19 bulbs (1 RGBW, 2 dimmable white). Haven’t had any issues with my ZigBee. Does SmartThings think these are repeaters, or non-repeaters kinda like a battery device? Anyway to make ST think these are non-repeaters like a battery device?