Osram lightify plug support

Hi guys,

I got yesterday a couple of Osram lightify plugs and bulbs. The bulbs work fine but the plugs are not being detected.

Do you have any tips? Support says that they dont support them.

Thank you in advance

Do you mean the LIGHTIFY gateway?

If so, that’s a ZigBee hub kind of like our SmartThings Hub. It won’t connect to SmartThings and it’s not needed as you’re using our system to control the bulbs.

I suspect the OP means the plug-in receptacle. Same device class as Jasco plug-ins. The UK term is “pocket socket.” Sold in Europe, I don’t believe they’re sold in the US. Zigbee, I don’t know the profile.

Yeah, thats the one :slight_smile:

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We haven’t tested the plug yet. I’ll see what we can do!


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any update on this - did you make any progress supporting these?

We don’t yet support these, but we’re working to support the OSRAM EU products this year.

Generic ZigBee handler works for me. Tried to connect from just 3m away and no go. Really close up was fine!

What do you mean by the Generic ZigBee handler? I tried using the ZigBee Switch Power and it does not work for me.

Zigbee switch, not zigbee switch power

That also doesn’t work. Are there any other solutions? THNX

Did it work for Morten? If so then it might be a matter of whether you are close enough to the hub or whether you are doing things in the correct sequence. Other than that I am stuck for any answer apart from waiting for official support which will no doubt come eventually.

It did not work. I connected it to the Smartthings hub and changed the device setting afterwards.


Any news regarding this? ST Support?



Just now try adding Osram Lightify Plug 220v, its added via Connect Now but its showing unknown device and wont able control.

I used my Wink Hub instead and its working fine. Works also to Hue hub but Alexa is not detecting, but Siri was able to control

Just hold down the power before plugging to socket and release when you here clicks to reset the device and pair to another hub

Any news on supporting this device?
Seems like a really cool addition because it’s easy available, high quality and much cheaper than many other plugs.

Also, if SmartThings wants to deliver to Europe mainland, this would be a great addition.

I’m successfully pair the plug into ST and assign it as Lightify Surface device handler (Osram lightify surface (DTH in post 11))
Works perfectly!

Forgot to mention it here, but this plug is a horrible repeater. It doesn’t relay the messages properly (at all) after a day or so.
It switches perfectly with the “Zigbee Switch Power” device type. But if it messes up the zigbee mesh, it’s useless.

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How exactly do you assign it as such? One it is paired I seem not able to do anything with it except removing or changing the name… thx

if you log in in your ST-IDE account you can edit the settings, I have multiple Osram Plugs working as “ZigBee Switch Power”