New bug Honeywell Therm

(Chris H) #21

And now the TCC access is back working again everywhere.

I wonder what kind of back-end work Honeywell is doing that’s causing these burbles…

(Joel W) #22

Mine has been out for hours. Might have to call support.

(Joel W) #23

Just came back up.

(Bryan) #24

I was disconnected this morning too. Connected just fine now.

(might be my fake name?) #25

Is anybody else seeing the errors again today?

(Steve Jackson) #26

I had errors generated by IFTTT from 6pm to 7pm. They were TCC errors. It is working now.

(Sal Marano) #27

Keeps disconnecting from ST here as well

(might be my fake name?) #28

Anybody seeing errors with Honeywell this morning?

Lost connection with ST and can’t log in either. I wonder if it’s DST related.

Edit:: 20 minutes later— up and running now. Honeywell’s website up again too.

(Steve Jackson) #29

I saw it too. When I checked I was still connected to ST. This happens so regularly to me anymore that I usually ignore the messages saying it’s disconnected or that my last change didn’t go through.

(Dan) #30

Yes. Yesterday. Multiple successful reconnect efforts but thermostat still not responding even though it indicates successful connection. Honeywell help is useless. Since this controls a gas heater, I will probably replace it with a different manufacturer.

(Steven ) #31

Same here. At least 1x every 3 weeks i get the notice. was wondering if it was just me.