Honeywell TCC (Connect) - Error attempting to reconnect

I have the Honeywell TCC (Connect) installed as a linked service. I received a notification that it was disconnected from Smartthings and that I had to re-enter my credentials.
Upon doing so I get the error {“error”:true:AccessDenied",“message”:“This request is not authorised by the specified access token”

If I can’t fix this and I have to buy new Thermostats then I will definitely be abandoning Smartthings in totality. Moving to the new app has been a long painful and poorly executed process and I’m sick of it.

The Honeywell TCC (connect) is the old integration. Try adding your 'stat using the “Honeywell Home Total Connect Comfort” integration, it’s the one with the red 72 icon. Works well on my Honeywell WIFI stat. It occasionally loses connection but that’s usually a problem on the Honeywell side.

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Thank you David, that was exactly the problem. Funny how it only stopped working a few days ago.