Honeywell issues December 14, 2020

Is anyone else having issues connecting to the Honeywell thermostat? I can’t access it in SmartThings nor Honeywell’s on app.

I was able to log in with the TCC app but have seen some flakey behavior since last evening. I am seeing errors in my Hubitat logs with trying to set the temp setpoint. Sometimes the setpoint changes, other times it doesn’t. When I just logged in, I’m not home, I noticed that my setpoint for the AC was NOT what I set it to when I left this morning.

It’s definitely Honeywell…there severs have been trash for several months now. Extremely annoying.

I found that my linked service disconnected twice in the past two days. I have RTH6580WF, and their product page now only shows that it “works with” Google Assistant and Alexa. Originally, they marketed that this also works with Smartthings and IFTTT, but those two were quietly removed. Surprise!

That’s the same one I have and it’s working fine. I did have to reconnect the service yesterday, but it’s working now. I believe that thermostat is also known as the focus pro 6000 or focus pro 8000 I can’t remember which one. Which I think still says that it works with smart things

Mine is the 9580 and it’s connected to both Smartthings and Hubitat. Other than the flakey behavior the last couple of days (which seems to be corrected) it’s been working just fine. I haven’t had to log back in for several months now.

Had to log back in yesterday myself. Just another in the numerous times over the last 6 months I’ve had to do so. I’m sick of Honeywell issues…I’m getting a Nest when Samsung integration is complete and never giving Honeywell another penny.

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