New Bespoke Induction Range oven status cannot be monitored from a Smartthings routine

Got the new “Bespoke 6.3 cu. ft. Smart Slide-In Induction Range with Ambient Edge Lighting™ & Air Sous Vide in White Glass” and set up its cooktop to turn on the Bespoke hood via Smartthings Routines. I wanted to do the same for the oven but it does not show up under “When” condition. This is a head scratcher because the device shows the status of the oven, but is not an option in Routines. Did I miss anything? Would appreciate inputs if anybody has idea about this.

Samsung has never allowed the heating elements of its ovens/ranges to be turned on just with the app. That’s pretty common in the industry: it’s considered a safety feature. (I myself am quadriparetic, use a wheelchair and have limited hand function, so I follow this device category pretty closely.)

I don’t know about yours, but some models do have a physical button on the stove that you can press, which will then allow you to use some additional controls via the app. So you might check the manual to see if you have that option.

Here’s a long discussion thread, but the short answer is they just don’t offer that feature.

Why cant I turn on my Samsung oven with SmartThins app?

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Thanks for the input @JDRoberts. From the device, I can actually send a command to start the oven, however that is not my issue. Basically what I wanted is to know the status of the oven from a Routine such that when it is working, I will trigger the hood to start, like “If Oven is Preheating/Cooking, then turn Hood to On”. I can do this for the cooktop, but there is no status of the oven from the Routine, even though you can actually see the status of the oven when you go to the Device.

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This is one of the frustrating issues with ST. A capability may be available for status or commands, but not be defined in the presentation for automations. For example, on my Samsung fridge, I can turn the icemaker on/off from the app, but can’t do it via Routines. However, the 3rd party rules engine has access to all of the capabilities of the device, so I have rules set up to automate turning on/off the icemaker when we’re gone for extended periods. Only down side is the rules run in their cloud, not locally.


I chatted with support who gave me a number to call. Then called a tech support who said that the oven has a vent on the range, that’s why it does not need the hood, while the cooktop really needs the hood. But I said, the oven exhaust from that vent still needs to be vented out to remove smoke or smell, and she said that it is how it works. Very frustrating. I always thought that Smartthings is more advance than Alexa in terms of automation, that’s why I started moving some of my stuff there, including all zigbee devices (which previously goes to the echo zigbee hub). I guess 3rd party integration are a lot better than what Samsung devices offer in SmartThings. Other than the oven status, I also cannot control the hood light and some other stuff, which is there, but not there :frowning: .

As I said, you might have access to those items in Sharptools.

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Wow @h0ckeysk8er. Sharptools is pretty amazing and the rules engine is very powerful and it can pretty much see all the status of the oven. I really appreciate you suggesting this. As for my use case, I just use Sharptools to turn on a Virtual Switch that I created when the oven is in Preheating or Cooking status, and turn it off when in Ready state. Then from Smartthings routine I just use that virtual switch to determine whether the oven is on or off along with the other appliances I have been monitoring. In any case, it works, thank you! I just still can’t believe why Samsung ST won’t even expose this.