New app version doesn't turn on SAMSUNG Smart TV anymore!

The new version of Smartthings app doesn’t turn on SAMSUNG Smart TV in stand by mode! This inability may be added because the developer’s new policy or may be it’s a serious bad program bug. I used the older version on Note 9 before and it always was able to turn back my TV from stand by mode as well. In this new version, you need to turn on your TV first by its remote control then you don’t need to this app anymore because you already have your TV remote control inside your hand. Unfortunately this new un-smartthings version installed on my phone when SAMSUNG updated my phone’s Android from version 9 to 10 automatically. After this unholy update also there is no more “direct” shortcut access icon such as “TV turn on button” available on the phone’s notification bar so you should open the application completely at first to be able control your device if the app let you to do that!

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You can turn it on if you pull down the notification bar and select Devices, make sure you open the SmartThings app before to refresh you device list first.

I am really curious about this. Can you please explain this in details.

If you have this kind of issues, you can contact SmartThings/Samsung support directly by email. or depends on which region are you using the app from.

Or you can use the Contact Us from the SmartThings app’s menu.

Seems it also depends on the TV model.

It used to work flawlessly on my UN55JU7500, but after some updates in the new app, it doesn’t turn on anymore in stand by mode.

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All voice control for turning Samsung smart TV’s is gone as well, for these older models that previously worked. I don’t understand how the Samsung ecosystem can’t incorporate Samsung devices completely.

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I provided necessary details about the software inability or bug already in my previous post. If they want to fix their fault so they can do it. It’s not my duty or responsibility to push that into their eyes or minds! It seems they just learned to make newer versions of all softwares worst than previous ones by adding new crazy bugs like this one! They also learned to receive a lot money as monthly income and create more job opportunities for their families. This is the new culture of technology companies since the Silicone Valley’s population changed because US wrong policies!

Ok, I understand you. But you might want to know, that SmartThings originally a Minneapolis, MN based company. It is a bit far from the Silicone Valley.

By the way, have you seen the latest notice in the new SmartThings app?

Otherwise, if you have changed your TV’s connection from Wifi to Ethernet, or vice-versa, then you might want to search about issues with some models with Wake Up On LAN or Wake Up On WLAN.

FYI, If you want to have a bug fixed like that, then you have to report it to support through the emails or through the app. This is a community forum.

What version of Hub do you have by the way?